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Britannia Offers Online Asbestos Awareness Training

With coverage of asbestos related claims and diseases featuring highly in the national media over the past year, there has been a certain amount of priority placed on training staff members to ensure that they are capable and have the knowledge to deal with asbestos risks while at work.

The popularity of asbestos as a building material grew in the 19th and 20th century as it’s cheap, flexible and heat insulating properties made it desirable to work with. The health risks associated with the fibres however were not to be discovered until decades later when the first signs of mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases came to the fore. As a result the substance was completely banned as a construction material in 1999.

However, there are still a significant number of buildings which contain asbestos due to its popularity in the late 20th century. To ensure that workers are correctly trained to deal with asbestos risks there are three different types of training recommended by the Health and Safety Executive, depending on the level of involvement of the worker. The three types of training are: asbestos awareness training, training for asbestos that does not require a licence from the HSE and one that does.

On completion of an asbestos awareness training course, there is still a requirement to fulfil by way of a refresher course to periodically check that knowledge is still up to scratch. Noting a gap in the services offered Britannia has recently expanded their asbestos training course to also include online asbestos awareness training which is designed specifically for the refresher aspect of the requirements. E-learning is approved by the HSE as a solution to refresher training

“Taking large proportions of staff out for periodical training can be difficult for some organisations, especially if it involves an away day at a training venue, but the training must be completed to comply with regulations. This is why we developed our online asbestos awareness training refresher course. With the HSE recognising e-learning, it provides the perfect solution to organisations, reducing the amount of time off-site and also providing a cost effective solution” says Colin Wright, Managing Director of Britannia.

To find out more about the online asbestos awareness refresher training, contact one of the team today on 0800 0149016.