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“Elf N Safety” at Christmas.

It’s that time of year again, the nights are dark the weather is turning cold and wet. Wintery snow and ice conditions are just round the corner. Colin “Elf N Safety” Wright MD of Britannia would like to mention a few simple things to see you safely through the festive season and beyond.


Check your fleet and personal vehicles regularly – tyres, lights, washers, petrol, phone charger, and the usual things all the car agencies tell you to do. Carry blankets, food, drink and warm clothing if travelling long distance or if the forecast suggests the weather could be bad (obviously in these situations avoid travelling if you can!) Plan your routes times and contacts, check weather forecasts regularly and traffic alerts. Inform your clients before it is too late, in bad weather, services may change, don’t wait until it happens, warn them in advance.

The Workplace

Think about your workplace. Ensure all lights especially outside buildings are working and pointing in the right direction. Clear doors ways of debris, leaves etc, to stop slips and trips. Have mops and buckets in reception areas to clear puddles and drips such as areas used for changing footwear and brolly stands.

Think about how to dry wet clothing, don’t cover fan and convector heaters. Try and arrange car sharing perhaps by introducing flexi working. If the weather forecast is really bad can people work from home? Have projects ready if and when  employees are snowed in. Ensure staff who walk or cycle to work have Hi-Via clothing. Have a couple of snow shovels at the ready – £4.99 at most hardwear stores. Clear paths of snow, ice and water  where possible or ensure you have some sand or preferably salt (again available at most builders merchants or DIY stores) in an accessible place. Bus timetables train times and taxi numbers on staff notice boards may help.

Think about a contingency plan for staff if parents need time off for  school closures. Think about key staff planning,  if they can’t get in what disruption will it cause? If you are situated on a business park or industrial estate there could be an opportunity to share skills and help each other out – transport, welfare, canteens, equipment communication products etc. Ensure staff wear suitable clothing for work especially footwear. Be flexible with the work ethic in these types of situations.

Be a good boy scout,  talk to maintenance and facilities staff and be prepared. Be pro-active not reactive. 

That’s it for now. Have a happy and safe Christmas from Colin “Elf n Safety” Wright or when working for Santa in the North Pole as an Elf Bubbles Mcjingles