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Make training your New Year Resolution

That time of year has indeed arrived and gives us the opportunity to reflect on this year’s successes and losses in readiness for cultivating 2019’s strategy. With this in mind, and considering this quiet time of year, there’s one priority we’re thinking of – training for 2019.

Perhaps you have new members of staff who have joined your team recently, or current members who are already trained but are due for a refresher course – or maybe it’s time to upskill current employees. Now is the perfect time to plan next year’s training based on these factors and whilst we have time to do so – great training requires great planning!

Top reasons for training and upskilling your staff:

  • It’s a legal requirement

Much of the training we do is due to a legal requirement. It’s based on the HASAWA 1974 and other pieces of legislation, ACOPs and Standards. Failure to comply can lead to fines or imprisonment as well as loss of tenders, increase in insurance premiums, decrease in productivity and less equipment life cycles.

  • Motivate employees

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Training is proven to motivate staff. When staff understand their work and running processes, it naturally results in a happier working environment and creates a happier workforce – especially when they understand how their daily tasks contribute towards the business. It is worth investing time and money into training staff to help boost their confidence and enhance their knowledge – this in turn can improve your internal processes, customer service and overall efficiency.

  • Employee retention – creates loyalty

Showing time and effort put into employees and highlighting that you value them and their work by offering career prospects as well as training will help to create loyalty within staff. Employee retention is crucial to running a successful business – staff members are the face of the organisation.

  • Business advantage – you benefit, company reputation enhanced, increased efficiency

Let’s not forget how the business is going to benefit from training – efficiency is increased, internal processes are finetuned, team members are motivated. These all in turn will lead to an enhanced reputation of the company, positioning your business prominently amongst competitors.


Keeping these benefits in mind, we hope that you will make train

ing one of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2019. If you require help with your training plans we offer a service free of charge for preparing the plans, just give us a call.

All of the team at Britannia wish you a Happy New Year – we look forward to working with you in 2019.