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SafeBrit launches – a new safety net for industry

Every business with 5 employees or more must abide by Health & Safety rules and regulations to ensure the workplace is a safe environment for staff. This includes Risk Assessments to cover employees and non-employees, which must be written and recorded and must be reviewed. Keeping on top of changes whilst keeping up with the day job isn’t easy and can slip off the employer’s radar.

Britannia Safety and Training are celebrating 20 successful years in business in 2018 and have succeeded through listening to our customer’s needs and identifying trends and across many industry sectors. Business owners are often pushed by deadline pressures, project delivery deadlines and other work-related activity which can push other work down the list of priorities. This can include Health and Safety and best practice at work as well as keeping up to date with the associated paperwork.

Once an organisation reaches a size to be classed as larger than a Small or Medium Size Enterprise (SME) there is usually a place in the business for a full-time health and safety officer. Depending on the industry sector this H&S Officer can be required during the initial phase of set up. However, if it is a juggle between employing a book keeper or a marketing person as against a health and safety representative then the latter can get overlooked. This can work as long as the company monitors all health and safety requirements for their business and keeps up to date with legislation.

Introducing SafeBrit

Britannia have launched a new service “SafeBrit” to support those businesses with a health and safety conscience but little time to spend on this important subject. We offer a pick and mix service which is adapted to suit the customer’s specific business needs and is recognised under regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety Regulations allowing businesses to appoint external advisors to manage needs in this area.

SafeBrit launches – a new safety net for industry Training Courses Norwich & Norfolk

Britannia will also store your safety paperwork portfolio including certification and remind businesses as theses approach renewal times as well as keeping the client fully appraised with legislation, which may affect any processes they have in place.

The service gives busy business owners confidence they have safety covered and at the fore of all their decision-making processes involving staff, contractors, visitors, premises, safety and security.

Two new members of staff have joined the Britannia team to manage the new service and with a team of specialist consultants employed and based around the UK to service clients Britannia have every area of the new service covered.

Colin Wright, MD Britannia Safety and Training “Listening to our customers and tailoring a new service to give them assistance and ultimately peace of mind takes our business in another direction. Training is our key strength and will continue to be so moving forward, SafeBrit allows us to offer our customers a service which fills a gap in the market, supporting the client at their premises”

SafeBrit has launched with a new website and a cheeky logo featuring Brian.