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Fire Safety

Fire Safety Training Courses Norwich & Norfolk

Course Details

Who should attend?

Any person that has been allocated fire safety responsibilities in the prevention of fires & implement fire evacuations should a fire occur.

Aims and Objectives


• Identify the basic requirement of the FSO & the HASAWA 74
• Assess fire risks
• Identify the procedures for spotting & reporting hazards
• Understand the principle of fire behaviour
• Understand the appropriate actions to take on discovering a fire
• Understand personal duties in response to the fire alarm signal
• Show an understanding of first aid fire-fighting using fire extinguishers
• Recognise the importance of ‘passive fire protection measures’
• Understand the importance of compartmentalisation.
• The course follows the listed criteria:-
• Personal introduction / group introduction
• Requirement of the fire safety order 2005 & HSW specific in the relation to fire safety, risk identification & training.
• DVD presentation (‘the role of the fire warden’)
• Lecture (duties of the appointed fire warden)
• White board presentation (classes of fire & fire behaviour)
• DVD (flashover scenario with commentary from instructor)
• Theory – session in the use of each class of extinguisher
• How and when to fight fires using fire extinguishers
• Desktop exercise on search procedures
• Multiple choice question paper


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