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  • From: £190.00
  • 8 Hrs
  • Wymondham

Who should attend?

The course is targeted at project managers, foremen and supervisors working in a broad range of industries such as construction, facilities management, retail, airports and arboriculture.

Aims & Objectives

To instruct a supervisor/manager in the requirements to select, use and manage various types of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) under his/her control.

At the end of the course the candidate will:

• Be aware of current legislation.
• Be aware of different MEWP classifications.
• Be aware of the importance of correct
machine selection.
• Be able to select the correct PPE
for the operator.
• Have a greater knowledge and awareness
of the safe use and operation of MEWPs.
• Be able to identify misuse and abuse
of MEWPs.
• Be aware of planning and maintenance


What the candidate should know:

• The requirements for pre-use checks and
daily maintenance to be carried out prior to
starting work.
• The regulations and standards relevant to
MEWP usage.
• The correct procedures (including
emergency), capacities and limitations to
enable safe operation.
• Correct selection of MEWP.
• Correct selection of fall protection equipment.

Price Includes IPAF Registration fee (£30.00+VAT)

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